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For Teachers

The BES-Net TT project's Communication Working Group brainstormed on a series of activities that may assist teachers in delivery of curriculum topics with incorporation of information about pollinators.  These activities have been grouped into resource booklets for different levels of the local school system.  The booklets incorporate worksheets and instructions and also provide a form to provide feedback to the Environmental Policy and Planning Division on the usefulness of the resource and suggestions for improvement.


For Students


For Beekeepers

In March 2022, the BES-Net TT project team facilitated a webinar for members of the Tobago Apicultural Society (TAS) on the topic "Science 101 for Beekeepers".  The webinar theme encompassed presentations which underscored the importance of record-keeping in hive management and shared key information on new and traditional methods in this practice.

At the webinar, Hive Keep in Caribbean was introduced as a free web application ("app") which can be used to collect records on beehives.  The project promotes the use of this app to encourage good record-keeping practices in this important livelihood activity.  The app is available from Google Play for download and an instructional video on its use is provided on You Tube.


For Beekeepers of Stingless Bees

The BES-Net TT project advocates for the management of stingless bees and encourages the 'rescue' of colonies of local species of stingless bees through boxing of wild hives that are threatened by habitat destruction.  The project shared information on local stingless bees through webinar features and workshop sessions on bee management.  recordings of these presentations are available at the following links:



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UNDP Trinidad and Tobago

Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

International Climate Initiative (IKI)


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